Natural Burial

Natural Burial

Looking toward the future, with consideration for environmentally conscious and sustainable cemetery operations, natural burial services and products are now available at Marble Park Cemetery.

A natural burial allows for and encourages the rapid return of human remains to the elements and materials of which all living things on earth are composed.

This natural process does not allow for the option of voluntary disinterment of the remains placed in the burial site (grave).

It is understood and agreed that Marble Park Cemetery considers a natural burial gravesite to be permanent and that Marble Park Cemetery will not perform or allow disinterment of the remains for any reason what so ever, the only exception being by court order of criminal investigation.

All coffins or caskets must be made of 100% biodegradable material and of sufficient structural integrity so as to allow safe and dignified lowering of the remains into the grave.

Incidental metal is allowed.

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