Rules & Regulations

Revised February 2024

Cemetery Grounds

The Board of Directors of the Marble Park Cemetery Association shall have the right to prohibit or remove any structure, improvement, or object on any lot which may interfere with maintenance and the general good appearance of the grounds, and particularly to adjacent lots.

The grade of all lots will be determined by the Board of Directors and all internments and structures put thereon shall be made with reference thereto.

Grave Space & Markers

The owner of each lot shall have the right to erect proper markers and monuments thereon subject to the reservations contained in the Gravestone Size Limitations and Requirements document. Only one upright monument shall be permitted on any one lot. Monuments and markers shall have foundations installed by the Sexton or caretaker. Any exceptions to this ruling must be approved by the Cemetery Board.  Monument foundations shall be installed April 1 through November 1, and or at the discretion of the Cemetery Sexton. 

Payment in full for any grave space is required before any burial or use of the grave.  Pre-need sales of grave space must be paid in full within 30 days of sale.  Installment payments will not be allowed.

Three (3) burials of cremated remains using a crematory container on ONE grave, or ONE (1) full burial and TWO burials of cremated remains in a crematory container are permitted on ONE grave site.  Current burial charges will apply with each burial.

Fences, hedges, or enclosures of any kind around lots or graves are strictly forbidden.  Use of any breakable or glass containers or ornaments are also prohibited.  

Only floral decorations may be planted in an area not to exceed the width of the monument base and extending 12” out from the burial side of any monument.  No plantings shall be placed in the center of a grave space. All such plantings must be approved by the Sexton or Cemetery Board.  

No grave blankets are permitted.  Summer decorations should be removed before November 1 and Winter decorations are permitted starting November 1st and must be removed by April 1st.

No mausoleum or tombs will be permitted except in sections reserved for that purpose. All plans for mausoleums or tombs must be submitted for approval by the Cemetery Board.

No interment shall be permitted without first obtaining a permit from the Sexton. All graves shall be opened and closed by the Sexton or other representative approved by the Cemetery Board. No lot sold to an individual can be divided and a portion thereof transferred to another party except transfers made to members of the individual’s own family with written consent from the lot owner.

Cemetery Hours

The cemetery shall be open to visitors on all days between sunrise and sunset. Visitors are respectfully reminded that the grounds are sacred and devoted to the burial and memory of the dead appropriate decorum is required.

Every person or persons entering the grounds after sunset shall be deemed trespassers and subject to criminal prosecution. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult

Cemetery Use

All persons are prohibited from disturbing or touching any objects not their own.

No motor vehicle traffic is allowed anywhere except on the designated driveways and no backing or turning around on the driveways will be permitted. Any damage done by backing or turning around will be the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle.  

Heavy loads will not be permitted to enter the grounds of the cemetery without prior knowledge and approval of the Sexton.

No planting or attachments are allowed at the cremorial units.

No personal or household rubbish shall be deposited in any cemetery trash receptacle. 

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the cemetery grounds. 

Pets are not permitted on the premises.

The Sexton shall have the power to refuse entrance into the cemetery by any person who has previously violated these rules or who has caused a disturbance in the cemetery.

Please contact the cemetery sexton with any additional questions not covered above.